Mannequins should work 24/7 to promote and enhance your brand.  No matter if you have 1 shop or are a major High Street name – these are a selling tool.  Never choose a mannequin on price alone.
Common issues with cheap, inferior mannequins are that the paint chips easily.  The spigots stemming break so they lean at drunken angles.  Badly designed metal fitting make them awkward to dress.

How quickly can you supply
• We have fast turnaround coming from Europe.
• 2 to 3 weeks delivery.
• Samples for presentation ready in 1 week to 10days.

Choosing the right mannequin for you
• Think carefully about the right body language and pose for your brand and identity.
• Personalise with paint finishes, material, fabric or paper.
• Working on a bespoke mannequin can give your clothing the perfect fit and create exactly what YOU want.
• Classic tailoring requires strong poses.  Lycra and chiffon needs movement.

Key facts you should know
• Not all mannequins are environmentally friendly.  Our mannequins can be recycled, fibreglass can not and will end up in landfill.
• A good mannequin will stand the test of time, some mannequins still in use in Harrods and Harvey Nichols are 25 years old just continuously renovated.  Buy cheap and you will buy twice…a mannequin is an investment.
• One mannequin can be handled a thousand times.  Dressed, redressed, knocked by a push chair, it is the silent salesman.  Don’t make the decision lightly.