Our mannequins are recyclable they are not made from fibre glass that will end up in land fill. 

Rare Basic understands that if we’re going to supply a more environmentally friendly product, we need them to be manufactured in a more environmentally responsible way. 

Rare Basic and IDW have worked together investing time and resources into the varying options of recycling mannequins and sourcing greener forms of packaging.

In addition to working in recycled material we continually look to improve the life cycle of our product and search for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Sustainability is the core of our corporate culture and this philosophy is apparent in our products, processes and business practices.

Someday, the only companies which will exist will be those that give back as much as they take, generate as much as they consume, and sink as much as they emit.

Today, Rare Basic is working hard to eliminate products that end up in landfill waste, help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and make better products using fewer natural resources.

We invest in staying current on global research and constantly assess the impact of our activities and products on the environment.

We set specific goals then rely on the commitment and passion of our staff, suppliers and customers to continually reduce the impact of our activities on the planet.
This is why we make a better mannequin.
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