For all the familiar and new faces we met at this year’s 20th Euroshop thank you for making it a wonderful show! We were a little apprehensive about how busy it would be with Coronavirus still dominating the headlines and having such an impact on so many supply chains but it didn’t deter the crowds. In addition travel plans had to contend with Storm Dennis who was lashing the UK when we left and certainly hindered many journeys, but as the phrase goes it’s quality not quantity 😉, and we sure had some quality visitors!

As many of you know, this year’s IDW marked a new beginning, and an exciting chapter in an established and well respected industry leader. Our green credentials span way back but ever committed and forging ahead IDW announced they’re partnering with Plastic Bank. We also had the launch of ‘The Inclusives’, a tribe of sassy millennials with attitude. Confident & shapely, they are proud not to conform.

For more information on any of our product ranges, or to carry on from the conversations had on the exhibition stand please don’t hesitate to contact us, before we contact you!
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